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Whole house humidifier, without ductwork?

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I'm looking for a whole house humidifier to buy for an elderly man who will not be able to refill the jugs for the portable units.

I'm thinking like of a system similar to freezer ice makers...a water line in and the machine shuts off the water when it's done.

I am wondering if there is a whole house humidifier that is self fed for a house without central heating/cooling. It's a very old house and would cause a lot of trouble/money to be modified for the duct work.

Anyone know of one?
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A few manufatures make a unit that can be mounted in the wall and has a fan in it, a little pricey but should do the trick for him.

My solution before I installed a proper humidifier in our house, was to just take a portable swamp (evaporative) cooler and installed a float in it and ran it off the ice maker line. It was a bit of a crude setup but it worked fine.

The problem with portable humidifiers, is that most of them use a wicking proccess for keeping the pad wet and when you start to get an alkali builup on the pad, it stops wicking. By the design of them, it also makes it hard to try to retrofit a float system to them also.
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