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Greetings, I live in Central Florida and I am researching whole house fans (Air Vent or Master Flow). Would it make sense to install an attic fan in my garage as opposed to inside the house. My thinking is the summer I could open the garage door, turn on the fan and ventilate the stale hot attic air. In the cooler months I could keep the garage door closed and open the interior door to the garage as well as windows and turn on the fan to pull cooler air into the house.

It seems that I could use the fan for both the cooler and hotter months with benefit.

The only issue I could see with this is how air tight the garage door is during the winter months. Since most garage doors do not make an air tight seal if I turned on the fan my guess is that it would pull a lot of air in from around the garage door as opposed to the interior of the house.

Anyone have any experience or thoughts on this? Thanks in advance.
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