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Whole house fan wiring

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I'm back at it again with the new variable speed whole house fan motor.
The motor was matched by an electrical company. The 1987 Fasco motor had one speed, by turn the motor on/off, without any choice of speeds.
Coming out of the romex, I see one black, one white, and a cut ground.
The new motor is an A.O Smith 754a variable speed. There is two browns, (one of the browns for the cap has a white stripe.) Then there is one red, one black, one yellow, one white, and one blue.
My question is: Would any of the red, yellow, or blue wires get attached to the white wire? All of the new wires are about 16" in length.
I have alreadt tried the basics, so please bare with me.
I connected the black to black, the white to white. I also tried the red to black or the blue and yellow to black.
I'm getting power, but I know I'm not getting i.
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The red, yellow, blue and black are probably the various speeds. Connect any one of them and the white to the power and the motor should turn at different speeds depending on which one you use.
If that's not it then you need to check the motor manufacture's literature to see how to connect it.
whole house fan

Thank you
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