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I live in the Florida panhandle, which, as we all know, gets extremely humid. During cooling and heating seasons, this isn't a problem, as the HVAC system will reduce humidity. During the spring and fall, though, the ambient temperature in the house is just fine, but the humidity is quite high. I'd rather not put a standalone dehumidifier in the house, and I don't like overcooling just for humidity control.

I'm looking at the Honeywell TrueDRY DR65 whole-house dehumidifier. I was wondering if the following installation method would work:

Our HVAC closet has a return grille on the door, and that's the only return for the whole house, so the air-return space is the lower two feet of the HVAC closet--there's no return ductwork.

Cut two 8" round holes in the subfloor in this closet and attach two flexible ducts to the supply and return on the dehumidifier, which would be mounted on a shelf in the basement (which has no HVAC at all, but stays between 50F and 80F year round due to concrete walls and being half-underground).

Put a dehumidistat in the HVAC closet air-return space set to 50%. Wire it up so that when the house is above 50%, the dehumidifier and air handler blower run.

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