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White from old alluminum Siding stained Brick

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Hello everyone,

I have a brick house with the old white alluminum siding that is chalking. This chalking has dripped down the side of the house a little and made some of the brick white.

Please tell me how I may be able to remove this without ruining the brick. I have tried a high pressure washer and it didn't work so well. Is there a chemical or something I can use?


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that is a common problem. unfortunately its not easy to remedy. there are chemicals that will work but they can discolor the brick.

what type of brick is it? color, texture? how old is it?

whatever the chemical product is that you use it will be acid based so your plants will have to be protected and some cleaners can etch glass so you have to protect the windows. you will also have to neutralize the acid after you clean the brick.

Look into Diedrich Technologies - they have some great products (always read all the specs when using anything)

the easier way out would be to have someone come over and sandblast the brick. it will cost you more but it will not damage the brick (possibly the mortar if your mortar is in bad shape) and your landscaping will live.

if you want a good job and to take the liability off of yourself hire a professional. Make sure they show you a similar job they completed before you let them proceed.

good luck
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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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