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Whirlpool Refrigerator

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I'm trying to figure out what the horsepower so I can install a hard start kit. Anyone know how to tell?
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I use supco URC081. It works on all the refrigerators except for linear. It works for 1/12 thru 1/5hsp. You can't add a hardstart to a linear compressor
The one I was showing you also works for a compressor with a run capacitor. The one you have listed does not. If you have no run capacitor that will work fine. If you do have a run capacitor that could work but you will still have to wire in the run capacitor and there will not be any instructions available. The number I gave you is just much easier to use. It should be available at your local repair supply shop.
All I see on mine is a start capacitor and with over load. Attached picture is missing the capacitor.


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I think your start capacitor is most likely your run capacitor. Most of them are in the 10 to 15 uf range (not all of them)
Not sure. I haven't seen the capacitor or model number so I really can't say for sure but I think you ordered the wrong one. It can work though. I'll try and explain. When you get the part. Let me see a picture of that capacitor to be sure
Ok I looked up the info on your frig. It has a run capacitor so it has to be hooked up to this new start kit you are going to put on there. Hook the 3in1 up as per instructions but you also have to cut the red and white wires and splice the capacitor into those connections. If you don't add the run capacitor your compressor will fail shortly thereafter
Where are you from in Louisiana? I'm from Walker
Is this what your meaning about splicing in the capacitor? Picture showing wires would run with splice. If so would it matter which leg to red are white? If so would Fluke meter indicate polarity reversed as negative across poles?


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That's exactly what I mean. Doesn't matter which way.
jburd964 said:
I get over there during hunting season. Have a couple of friends in Vinton. We hunt Sabine every once in a while. The other 3in1 already had the spades for the run capacitor built in. That should work unless you have compressor issues. Hope it works out
I was raised in Niblitts Bluff, in Vinton, on river. I really appreciate your help and time.
Frig seems to be working.
Good deal! That's exactly where we launch (the campground). Have a buddy that lives on that street. Ronny Dugas, his Dad has lived there forever
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