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whirlpool icemaker gone beserk

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hi im a newbie here and i hope someone can help whirlpool side by side icemaker has really gone has ice forming all over the shelves in the freezer part.....the infrared light is flashing not sure if that has anything to do with the problembut sure would appreciate any help i could get :) thanks deb
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If you have a light flashing you have a fault, if you have ice forming all over the shelves in the freezer it sounds like the timer is letting the water in and nothing else. I recently had problems with my Amana (Whirlpool) unit and found the solution at "Acme How". My unit does not have the fault indicator but I found good instructions as to how to trouble-shoot my unit and got it running again. Good Luck, David
It’s normal to have a flashing light because the light flashes when something blocks the optics and a flap blocks the optics when you open the door. Look inside the tube that fills the icemaker with ice and see if it is clogged with ice. If so remove the ice by squirting hot water up the tube and then replace the water valve. The water valve is most likely the problem but sometimes I see that the icemaker will turn too slowly or get stuck a few seconds too long in the fill cycle allowing too much water in. On your model it can be a little hard to tell because of the way you have to bypass the optics.
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