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Whirlpool Creaking Ice Maker

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12 year old side by side. Ice maker creaking like ice is stuck or something's blocking mechanism. creaks when arm up and down. Must I call licensed repairman? Or may I fix myself. Seems like this happened once before.

I just heard it fill even though I thought tray was full of ice and arm is up (off)...
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Not exactly sure what you mean by creaking, but I can give you a quick rundown on some of the many noises your freezer / icemaker makes:
  • clicking sounds are caused by defrost timer switches, temperature control units, compressors starting, and solenoids opening and closing the water valve.
  • bubbling and gurgling sounds may be due to the circulation of refrigerant, and water flowing through feed lines or draining during defrost cycles.
  • crackling or popping sounds may be related to water dripping on the defrost heater, coils expanding or contracting, or refrigerator panels expanding or contracting.
  • drips may be related to the defrost cycle or a leak.
  • and a buzzing sound may be related to the compressor or from the water dispenser a few seconds after using it.
For more advice go to AP Wagner Appliance Parts:thumbup:
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