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Follow up on prior post:

I am having my power company (Duke Energy) install a type 1 surge protector in the meter socket.

As added protection I installed surge protector on the A/C disconnect.

In addition I will be installing a "Type 2" protector at the main breaker panel.

I am looking at 2 units:

1. First the Eaton Ultra

2. second the Siemens unit data

I have a Siemens panel so the Siemens SPD will fit.

Looks like the Siemens is a simple plug in breaker. Just remove a set of existing breakers and replace with the Siemens unit.

Instructions for the Eaton unit say that ideally you should have a dedicated breaker but they do not say it is a must. My panel is full.

My existing Siemens breakers are "QP' and can be double tapped (piggy backed??). Not sure of proper term. Any reason that I cannot attach the Eaton unit to a breaker already in use if breaker is able to be double tapped as my QP breakers are? Again install instructions do not say you MUST have dedicated breakers

The Eaton unit even if I can double tap into existing breaker will require mounting outside of box and a bit more work.

Any downside to the Siemens unit?

I came across this article and it discusses items like types of protection, max surge capacity etc.

The article gave best rating to Eaton and did not even mention the Siemens unit. When looking at Siemens specs on Siemens page the specs seem lower than the Eaton but I'm no electrical engineer.

As an example the Siemens offers line to neutral and line to line protection.
So does the Eaton but in addition Eaton offers neutral to ground and line to ground protection.

Is this important? I have no idea what i really need.

In short are the specs on one that much better than the other?

Any advice is appreciated.
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