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Which Holster for Milwaukee Hammer Drill?

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I have a 18 Volt 1/2" hammer drill from Milwaukee. The model number is 0624-20.

I need a holster for the drill and calling Milwaukee they can't say whether the M12 holster will work or not.

So does anyone know if the M12 holster will work? Or, do you know another choice I should consider.


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go to a store that sells your hammer drill and grab a couple different holsters they sell in the nail bag section.. see which one fits it best

you just cant use a impact driver holster though as they are made for a smaller profile tool
Thanks for getting back to me. However, my drill isn't sold in stores anymore since it is about 10 years old. I may have to take the drill but wanted to get someones opinion first hand if possible.

But your suggestion to try them out is appreciated if no one can offer any first hand advice.
your best bet then is the clc/ kunys holster.. or the dewalt holster.. kunys makes all the dewalt toolbags and toolbelts then dewalt stamps their name on em
thanks, I found one on Amazon that looks like it will work.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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