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Which has greater summer cooling effect...

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New tenants are uncomfortably hot in Northern California primary (largest) residence of triplex.

The home has no AC, no attic insulation, no ridge vents, and no end gables to mount fans.

I'd like to get opinions on the best bang for the buck to cool this home without going as far as adding AC.

Thanks in adv
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You didn’t want this answer but if they pay their own electricity I would have them buy a window air conditioner.
Or explain to them that you can add insulation, ventilation, etc. and then raise the rent for an improved unit.
Having been a homeowner, landlord & tenant, I think it's highly unreasonable not to have an A/C provided by you, esp., when temps can hit 110F in the Summer & will probably be higher this year.

I bought a new A/C but only because my landlord is oblivious to human life & health. Normally, I wouldn't live here, but, the Camp Fire caused housing problems for over 50,000 people. I will recoup after I leave.

You can call Environmental Health, which is part of Public Health, usually (County) & ask if one is reasonably required to provide A/C. I know Heat is required.

I'm not a lawyer, but, it seems you are skating very close to liability for their heat induced hospitalizations or deaths. I'm completely serious. The house has to be habitable for humans, or they don't have to pay rent. My place was 82F with a weak A/C yesterday, & a temp of 104F outside, but, this is pretty well insulated.

If you are from another country, please remember this is California, where lawsuits are common.

You can get an A/C for $130 at Walmart.
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The State has to address the rising temperatures at some point. It may depend on the judge,
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