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Which corner to lay laminate floor from?

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Hi everyone - I'm new to DIY having just bought my first home. I've bought some laminate for the hallway and read up a bit on how to lay it, so feeling fairly confident. I'm just not sure where's best to start from - I'm thinking running the length of the hall from the right of the front door?

The other thing worrying me a bit is the diagonal doorway, I'm planning to go under the doorframes but not sure wether to start on the side of the hall with all the doors on or the opposite side?

Any tips or advice very much appreciated, cheers.

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Have you read the box of flooring or down loaded the install directions?
The the picture you posted and turn it 180 deg. start on the longest wall with no doors and work your way toward that angled wall.
I personaly would never use laminite on a second floor.
Loud to walk on, a nightmare to finish out around the stairway with out a trip hazzard. I'd use engineered flooring instead.
If this is an old house where the flooring was just install over the joist you need to be under that house air sealing any holes where wiring or plumbing was install, iif it's ballon framing you need to add fire blocking in every joist bay and sealing up the rim joist with 2" foam and expanding foam, then add 2" foam in every joist bay and filling any gaps with foam.
Just trying to cover it up on top of it is going to do almost nothing but make for a really cold floor.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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