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Which coating to use ?

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I have a flat Rubber Roof.
It has some cracks & needs a coating.
1 roofer want to use a Silver coating for $500.00
I think the silver coating is a type of paint.

Roofer # 2 Wants to do a Hot Asphalt coating for $250.00
Who do i trust ?
Which is better ?
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I think Maintenance 6 is referring to rubber as in EPDM, if that is the type of roof your talking about than any type of asphalt repair should be avoided.

If it's a rubber roof as in a torche down product than an asphalt solution would be ok.

Like Maintenance 6 said tho, you have to make sure your roofer is going to repair any damaged area's with roof cement and membrane, or other materials to patch any bad seams or cracks in the field and flashing materials before they coat it with anything.

You can easily get numerous years of added life out of your existing roof using wither of your two posted methods as long is it's done properly.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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