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Where to vent bath fan

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Adding a 2nd fan to bath inside the shower.stand up shower all enclosed.. the toilet is in a seperate room with a fan. My home inspector advised adding a fan inside the shower.......... i can vent a few ways not sure which one is the best way..I can go straight up about 3' and do a roof vent, or cut a hole in the plywood to access open area where the porch is which is covered by the roof as well... i would add a vent in vinyl facing downwards to porch
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If you are confident in your roofing skills, go up.

Note: If you live in a really windy area, the wind will want to come in thru the vent and make it rattle. The proper type of roof vent will help. I made this mistake in my cabin by using a standard T top vent and it noisy as heck when the wind kicks up.

Go thru the wall if it's easier and lands in an acceptable place.
very windy on a hill and about 15 acres behind me open.. always a breeze here...... roofing skills never done anything... caulked around roof vents to fix a few leaks is about it ... was going to drill hole then saw zaw away

how about something similar to this?
That will work as long as the prevailing winds don't blow directly into the opening.

If you penetrate the roof, it will leak. :yes: Vent it out thru the wall
so put a hole in vinyl and face down towards porch?
That will work.....and the roof won't leak.
sounds good thanks for the input!
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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