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Where to start?

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Hi all.

I live in a typical 70s split level walk in the front door steps going to basement steps up to living area. I'm going to install engineered hardwood. I don't know where to start laying it.. A friend says start with the stair nosed piece, Is this right? I was going to start on the longest wall in the livingroom.

Thank's for your help.
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The first step is sending the family and any pets on a long vacation while you do this project. Figure out the way you want it on the floor. I would use 15# or 30# felt paper on the Basement floor. Now if you have had any issues with water in the Basement, you may want to lay the panels down that allow any water that may get under the floor, to move out of that area.

The biggest issue is staying a proper distance on all four sides for the flooring, especially with it being a Basement area.
If you go parallel with the stairs, no one would be the wiser. Just remember to measure many times, before committing and finding out that the short piece is at the stairs.

I would go full piece at the stairs and work backwards to the wall. Just remember to measure and have notes on the measurements.

Graph paper helps also.
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