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Where to sell a used HW boiler

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I recently installed forced air heating / AC and in the process removed the old HW radiator heating system. The boiler for that system was new when I purchased the house it about 7 years ago and still has many years of life left in it.

Anyone have any ideas on where someone might advertise a used boiler for sale? I tried craigslist and didn't get a single response.
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I doubt that you would be able to find anyone willing to purchase this. You might be better off doing as Grampa Bud said and use it to heat your garage or work shop. You might also check into any local salvage yards and see if they would take it. Newspaper classifieds are another good idea.

We have some places that sell used/discounted hardware and parts here in town that carry everything from furnaces to toilets and door knobs, you might see if you have something similar in your area.
Do you need help with a clogged toilet? How about some tips for first time home buyers? I am always happy to help!
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