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Where to find bifold doors for odd sizes

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I Am looking for a set of bifold doors for a pantry but not having much luck. The opening is 40.5" wide. I was hoping to find 2 -20" bifolds but cant find them. HD can special order a set but will be 3-4 weeks and cost 170.00. Do I have any other option?
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if you can find a solid 42" door you can take hte hinges off it and rip 3/16" off all four edges then reasseble it.

another thing you can do is go with the 40" and install a half jamb with 3/4" stock that the door tucks behind which will hide the space
if its a bearing wall you CANNOT DO THAT there wont be sufficient strength in the wall and you run a major possibility of the door binding up
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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