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Where does my bathtub vent go ??? Pic included

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Hello and thanks,

please see attached, this is a bedroom being turned into a bath ...

My question is where do I vent the tub?

The joists run South to North as does the drain pipes ..

Would I be able to vent the tub on the South wall even though drains are going North?

Also, once the venting is done, how high up do you have to go in order to connect them together to form 1?

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Thanks for the info.. I spoke with the city and yes I can combine the drainlines but only after each has a vent so I am still stuck w the problem..

if you look at the picture, the short North wall of the shower is about 4 feet away from the center bathtub drain ...

It looks like the solution would be to run the drainline at an angle to that wall and then go up, run the shower to the same wall as well for its vent, then combine the 2 in order to reach the toilet / main stack ...

The only problem there is for the bathtub to reach that short wall, I have to go through 2 floor joists ...

So it would end up looking something like this ...

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Thanks again .. I will check on this but they just told me today I need a single vent for every trap ...

And yes, the terminates in attic just means getting it up there in the attic so we can combine lines and use existing vents out of the house ..
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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