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Where do I start?

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Hey lads(and lasses)! My yard looks like holy hell. I would take pictures but it's kind of embarassing. I have grass everywhere, no real bare patches, but it looks like its 20 different kinds of grass. I'd like to have either bermuda or fescue and thats it!

I live 20 minutes from the ocean in southeastern Virginia, and don't really know what kind thrives best here. They both seem to be doing well in my yard in there respective areas. How do I isolate one, kill everything else, and maintain it every 10 to 14 days? I don't want to be out in the yard every 5 days like some of my neighbors who have golf course lawns. I just want a nice lawn.

Where do I begin?
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I do very little to my yard
As long as its green its good

I use the Sott's program & fertilize myself
I do manullay remove dandelions
After 5 years there aren't many, but they do pop up
I also dig out sections of grass (??) that look odd & reseed

I put more effort into my perennial flower gardens
Ok, I'm in Norfolk. How big is your yard and how much do you want to spend? Where did you live before you moved here/have you ever lived ion the south before? These are all relevant questions.
I'd have it removed and then re-sod. It's a DIY project depending on the size of the lawn and the condition of your back. Might not be that expensive to have your sod removed and hauled away. Then prep and reseed.

OR, and my preferred method over the years, is to first drive to a couple local landscape nurseries and ask them the questions. Using the right lawn products will help some and over seeding with the grass type they recommend will help crowd out the unwanted stuff over time.
I'm in Virginia Beach (howdy neighbors!) and we are going to be using a bluegrass/fescue mix in the front yard because we have shaded areas.

A few years ago we tilled the entire yard and covered it with a compost/soil blend. The grass came in great but then we didn't maintain it so it looks like crap again.

This year I will be responsible for the front yard (since I kinda know what I'm doing and hubby insists on cutting the grass down to the soil - a big NO NO for new grass) and I have no doubt it will come in great with a bit of TLC.

In the back we have a bermuda/fescue blend that does very nicely (full sun).
Hey! Thanks for the replies. I would like to do it as economically as possible. Again, I just want a nice yard...Not a new hobby. I'm from Kansas City originally, but never owned a house there. My yardwork experience (other than mowing the lawn growing up) is strictly east coast.

I guess some sort of spreader and grass seed is a good place to start...or a spreader and weed killer? HELP!!!
I just use a Scott spreader
Spring fertilizer has halts & other weed stuff in
I also use grub treatment, as a skunk dug up my front yard one year for grubs

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ha. I actually already have a spreader.. I forgot the old home owners left it. I think it's the exact same one. I'll start with the scott's spring fertilizer. Thanks!
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