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Unfortuantely, the house we ended up buying a couple of years ago turned into the house from Hell. When we bought it, it needed some TLC as it had been a rental property previously, but we had central air installed "professionally" keeping the furnace gas. It became a nightmare from there on. The "pro" ended up putting 13 holes in our walls while he was in the process of putting 3 holes in our main gas line and leaving a 3 inch gap in the line (?) of the water heater. Our $7000.00 AC ended up costing $13000 by the time we got someone else to fix what he messed up. We also had to get someone to do drywall repair and he did a great job fixing the holes but an awful job when he textured the wall. It is almost like he poured sand onto wet paint from a gal. jug; it is so grainy for lack of a better word. There are patches in almost every room room in the house and some are as big as 3.5ft x 3ft in the livingroom, kitchen and bathroom with smaller ones in the bedrooms, hallway, and even the ceiling in two rooms. We later had someone move a hallway entrance further down on a wall making it longer and it was not textured. So my question is, what do I do now! I'm assuming I have to retexture room by room so it will all blend together. What is the best (hopefully easy) way to tackle this project? Of course, $$$ is always a concern. Any suggestions from anyone?

Help! Please...
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