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They built the house.
Sometime after that, they built on an addition.
Then Lynn bought it.
Years went by.
Now I'm responsible.

The ceiling in the addition has a fixture. The box in the ceiling looks like it was installed at the time the addition was built. The fixture doesn't work.

I tested the bulb and the fixture, they're fine.

There are two sets of black/white wires entering the box. One black & white connects to the instrument. The other black white appear to be spliced together.

There is one box w/two switches in the addition. One controls the rear porch light, the other a wall receptacle. There are no other switches.

In the dining room wall that abuts the addition there is a blank plate. I removed the cover, there is one black, one white wire. I want nothing to do with it. Plus, it does not look (to me) like it was set up to control the fixture in the addition.

So, just where the (*&#&^(&# do the wires in the box GO? The wires are dead, as far as I can tell.

Any hints, dreams, hallucinations, fraudulent attempts at humor?

Thanks in advance.


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