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I might not have the wording correct, but talking about when you layer tiles row by row, but for rectangular tiles (e.g. 2ft by 1ft) are staggered between rows like the 3rd icon with an X in the photo. I only recently noticed this while buying tile.

I am just wondering are there really cases where the look of the tile design/pattern doesn't work with this kind of layout whereas it would work fine for unstaggered row layout or the diagonal row layout depicted in the other two icons? Or is it more a matter of personal preference? Would be interesting to see extreme cases where it would look odd.

Rectangle Font Pattern Electric blue Linens

Similarly are there cases where the other 2 layout options (not X'd) would look weird instead?

Regarding this tile box in question, the design is this one:

Strangely, the preview of that tile design shows a staggered layout, opposite of the recommendation of the box packaging.
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