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When do I call the plumber?

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I'm finishing my basement (or, planning on it) and am trying to fix up somewhat of a schedule. I'm going to be putting in a couple of extra walls to accommodate a new bathroom and closet. At what point do I call the plumber? The plumbing has been "roughed in" (what looks like two drains coming up from the floor). I was assuming I would call after I had the 2x4 framing setup, but I'm not sure if I should get them there sooner.

Any help?
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Sooner is better. That way you can both understand each other expectations, timelines, etc...

Sounds to me like you haven't had anyone come in to quote though. How come? FYI, I'd get a least 3 before hiring anyone.
Thanks for the reply! I haven't even begun the finishing process in the basement (still just concrete slab and block walls atm). I'm guessing it will take me at least a couple months to get to the point that I'm ready for someone to come in and run the plumbing through the framing to where it needs to go. Do you think I should go ahead and call the people I plan on subbing out to (plumber, electrical, drywall ceilings)?
It can't hurt. The more time you give to the planning and preparation, the better/smoother and cheaper it will go. Last minute rushing around, making changes, etc... makes for a less than enjoyable, and more costly, project in my experience.
Those that do work for me tend to stay fairly busy and would be annoyed if I did not involve them early on what my expectations and timeline was like--even if a few months in the future. In your case you need bids anyhow. And the electricians and plumbers you call and ultimately decide to use will probably have suggestions that could save you some anguish. They will also know the inspectors and permit requirements.
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