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Some background. I live in a fairly new condo and my Heater and AC was workingfine several months ago. I have a year old Rite Temp thermostat.

I turned my AC on for the first time and nothing turns on. The heat and fan does not turn on either and there is still power on the thermostat (it uses batteries). I switched the breakers off and on for my heater and AC and still nothing. What can possible be the reason? Any help would be appreciated as I just found out an HVAC serviceman is not cheap.


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Bad/blown air handler fue.
Bad control board.
Bad transformer.
Short low voltage wiring.
Bad thermostat.

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Cheap work isn't good work,,, Good work isn't cheap
Reminds me of a sign I saw once:
We can do it right.
We can do it fast.
We can do it cheap.
You get to pick two out of three.
If you want it fast and right, it won't be cheap.
If you want it fast and cheap, it won't be right.
If you want it cheap and right, it won't be fast.
What'll it be?

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The 'stat calls for cooling.
The many sensors allow or inhibit cooling.
The control board listens to the 'stat and sensors and commands or inhibits cooling and air movement.

Start by turning the 'stat fan switch from "auto" to "on" and noting what happens, checking for blown fuses and measuring voltages inputted to and outputted from the control board.
You'll need a schematic and a cheapie voltmeter.
Figure on spending at least the morning, more if you short anything out.

You need to find the root cause of the problem, not a symptom of the root cause.

BTW, there is a contactor in the compressor housing that starts the compressor.
I saw an HVAC guy push on the contactor armature, and when he did the compressor kicked on, which told him that it was not a compressor AC power problem.
Turned out squirrels had chewed the control wiring feeding the outside compressor.

Be careful.
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