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I've been reading that a jet pump continuously cycling (short cycles) will burn out a pump relatively quickly. I have a small bladder tank (5 gal) and small pump (1/2 hp shallow well jet) right now just to get me up and running - and what I seem to notice is that when I run a fixture wide open (e.g. garden hose) the pump just runs continuously. I assume this is normal. If I had a bigger pump I also assume it could move more water and fill the tank at the same time as I'm running the hose - e.g. the system would more likely cycle on and off?

so what's easier on the pump - longer continuous run vs the add'l stress on the pump from cycling more often? And how long can a pump run continuous before overheating (ballpark estimate...?)

sorry if this is a bit brain dead but just trying to understand the bigger picture.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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