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What's in my attic?

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Hi all,
In my attic has very old blown-in dark gray and brown insulation that has a rough texture. I need more R-factor up there but am afraid to call someone to give me an estimate on adding more insulation because some friends have suggested that the current insulation may have asbestos in it. If I get a pro in there, is s/he going to be obliged to report my house to the state for remediation if it has asbestos? Is there any way to annonymously have it tested myself?

Understand I don't want anyone to get sick or anything, I simply don't have a lot of money to have a haz-mat crew remove it at this time in case it is asbestos. Since it's just myself in the house, it's not like I'm endangering anyone leaving it alone. Could I wear a respirator and tyvec and cover it myself with something so it stays put?
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It's fiberglass insulation.
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