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What's a decent thermostat to replace old one with?

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I have an old Honeywell where the buttons are sticking at the bottom, so I think it's time to replace it with a more updated version.

Does anyone have any recommendations on a good one?? or one to stay away from??



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anything that works comes to mind..but what options are you looking for? set back, be able to adjust when your away, simple on off stat..there are so many to choose from ..start with what you want from it...then look for brand....
Probably something programable since I'm at work during the day., etc.... Nothing fancy...
Many times I will browse amazon for reviews on products( yes I know lots of fake reviews) but it gives some ideas, if all bad reviews I stay away, but if you read into them you can get an idea if its what you want..and then buy from where is convenient for is a decent brand...
Honeywell TH6320W.

Its a WiFi stat. Don't have to use the WiFi if you don't want to.
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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