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what would you use to attach a granite vanity top to the vanity

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I bought a vanity that was topless:eek: and I have purchased a prefab granite top with undermount sink to put on it. I saved a heck of a lot of money going in this direction $185 for the cherry custom vanity and $100 for the granite top. I just now need to know how to attach it to the top of the vanity. Someone suggested to use liquid nails and I have seen on the home improvement shows to use silicone. which way is the best way?
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Even though the guys who did our granite countertops in the kitchen usually go with silicone, they decided to try out the Liquid Nails granite and marble formula. I can see where it would be better since I've seen references to silicone not being ideal to use with wood. One thing is for certain, DO NOT use regular Liquid Nails construction adhesive; it has oils in it that will seep up into the granite and stain it.
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