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What would you do? - Painting Brick

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We have a 2 story built in the mid '70s and I'm getting ready to paint the exterior. We are having a tough time finding a color we like that goes with the brick, and will lighten things up. Our house sits among trees that make it even darker when they are full of leaves.

So, I'm looking for opinions. One on a possible color choice, and/or one on if I should paint the brick. We got test pots of a typical tan, a light grey and an almost white with a tan hue to it. All three just didn't do it for us.

We are going to have new landscaping in a few weeks consisting of mostly shrubs and evergreens, if that helps. We've been here almost 2 years and finally have a budget to get the outside done, now that the interior is done.

Here is the house.
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I've always been a fan of whatever takes the least amount of future maintenance.
We have a house that is mainly brick, and considered painting it at one point - the thing is, once you paint it... you're dealing with fading/peeling/repainting at some point.
Brick takes so little maintenance it seems like a shame to put in the time and/or money to paint over it only to ensure yourself more work in the future.

Just my two cents - obviously only you can decide what the new color is worth to you...

As far as specific color choices/options go, I'm the last person who should give you any ideas on that.

By the way - why keep yourself to only one color?
It seems you could easily do the siding/trim in one color and use something different (possibly punchier) for the shutters.
Something like that could help add that 'something' you're looking for, while not overpowering the whole look.
Just a thought.
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