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What would be the best direction for my laminate flooring?

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I would like some opinions from some of you other, probably more experienced DIY people out there. I am installing very nice Pergo laminate flooring throughout my entire house. Because of the length (46 feet), I have to use a spacer going into the last bedroom. Naturally, the boards are running lengthwise down the hall. However the back bedroom is an obvious rectangle with the length of 13.5 feet going the other direction. The width is only 9 feet, 8 inches. However, there is a small entry section going into the room (past the door and created by an adjoining bedroom's closet)that is only 3 feet wide by approx. 2 feet deep. I think this would look odd having the laminate run side to side in such a short space. So, I am in a quandary whether to start the laminate in this room running the same direction as the hall laminate which would look good from the hallway perspective, or to run it the length of the room which would look much better from the overall room perspective. This, of course, would all be on the other side of the spacer. Any helpful ideas out there? Dotrn
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