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I just joined up as well. Originally, just browsed the site to try and find some answers, but after looking around, I decided to join as this looks like a good site that I may get some help on. Main reason I joined is that I purchased a A-Frame House in 2005. Built in 1978. Solid place but needed major cosmetic updating. Me and my father and law put in new flooring, painted, stained, did some basic land scaping. Our latest project has been the re-doing of the basement. We have framed it, dry walled, had electrical installed, put in a drop ceiling, tiled it, is looking sweet and will add about 800 additional sq feet. Plan is to make it a entertainment area with a bar, place for my Dj equipment, and seating. Kinda loungy so to speak. We are about 90% done. It's been one of those 2 year projects as time was an issue, we would work on it on a weekend here and there. Since I am a newbie to DIY projects, I needed my father in laws expertise to take the lead since he used to be a contractor. He has taught me a lot and I am becoming more confident in my knowledge..still lots to learn..reason why I joined up. Stilll have many more projects down the road: New fence, stain the house, mini bathroom remodels, would love to re-do the kitchen area and put a small addition to that..will need the pros to do that, plus I will need some Bucks. Here is a pic of the crib :)..well that's if I can figure out how to attach it correctly?



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who needs pros? sounds to me like you and your father in law pretty much can DIY!
how about some pics of the basement project?
oh, and Hi, and Welcome to the forum!


I just tried posting the attachments on the Photo Thread..but I get getting failed uploads ??????
click on "Post Reply" directly below this post, then type your reply and below THAT will be "Manage Attachments", choose and upload from there. 100k max

I just posted some pics on the "Project Showcase" forum. The pics were to big before..I had to photshop them and compress them...check it out..almost there..hopefully by June it will be pretty much completed..then we get to spend the money we don't have on furniture ;-) ha! Remodeling ain't cheap...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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