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What type pipe for well drop pipe?

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Hello all. We just got a well drilled and the casing installed, and we're going to install the pump and pressure tank ourselves with the help of a knowledgeable jack-of-all-trades type who has done it before.

The well is 400 feet deep, and the water fills up to 20 feet below ground (I guess that means 380 feet of static head). The casing is 6 inch PVC. The pressure tank is going to be on a 30/50 psi switch.

The guy who has done this before suggests schedule 80 PVC, but the stuff is pretty expensive for that much pipe. My dad, who is a master plumber who now estimates jobs, says he has always used 1 inch polyethelene 160 psi for wells, but has hasn't done wells in a while.

What do you guys think? Am I ok with 1 inch poly 160 psi for this well?
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The poly pipe.
It comes in long rolls so no joints.
It is flexible so it can bend as you feed it down the casing.
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