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We are having a hard time figuring out which insulation that meets both our needs and our wallets. We have 512 s ft of ceiling and same for floor and getting quotes for $9k and that doesnt even include thewalls.

Our situation:

1. We have a 4/14 pitch shed roof with metal
2. Had fiberglass on the ceiling with no drywall in spring and the fiberglass started to sweat and mold was around the corner
3. We get lots of snow and cold weather and 2 months out of year reaches 80's and 90's
4. IF we co decide to do foam, we will do ourselves BUT Im unsure if it is a. worth it if not doing walls b. safe c. worth it??????

We need an effective insulation that will stop the heat radiating in to the cabin, won't mold and will work without venting. (I have read venting isnt as important as they once thought.)

I have read about foam board insulation and this sounds like it could work but it says to put in exterior. Ok so we have to pull up the metal and put it under the metal. What then do we put inside on the ceiling? Nothing?

As you can see, I am not sure what direction to go so any of your expert help would be very appreciated.

All the best,

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