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I'm doing my first masonry project; replacing broken brick on the lower wall of a 1970s screen porch that's attached to my garage. The brick is four courses high. Three bricks, one from each of the top three courses, have cracked at each of the 10 lag bolts that pass through the brick holes and through the 2x4 bottom plate that sits on top of the brick. I'm planning to "cut and plug" these broken bricks using the method shown here
. I've already removed three of the broken bricks and noticed that they have 10 holes (photo link below); different, and slightly smaller, than the 3-hole bricks that I have laying around the house. What's the difference between the 10-hole and 3-hole bricks? Why is one slightly smaller? Both are "finished" on each face. Can either be used as replacement brick for the light load of the screen porch walls and roof. Thanks.[email protected]/23169296113/in/datetaken/
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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