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What type of adhesive should I use to glue down accoustical cork to a concrete floo

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I'm installing an Armstrong locking natural hardwood floor (EL5MB12NALG). I have to adhesive bond acoustical cork to the concrete floor then glue down the planks to the acoustical cork. Can anyone tell me:
* What Armstrong adhesives will work for this application? That is, the adhesive for the cork to the concrete, and the glue for the planks to the cork?
* How do you prep / clean the concrete floor prior to applying the adhesive?
* Does the adhesive need to cure before you glue the planks to the cork?
Please help. Thank you.
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Commonly recommended adhesives for installing cork are water-based contact cement adhesives which are known to be amongst the most reliable and effective. Cork is a porous material and allows the water in the adhesive to evaporate, creating a strong bond. Moreover, contact cement is easily available in nearly every hardware store.

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