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So I am a newbie DIYer and needed some advice. I have searched this forum and found several similar situations , but none that quite answered my question.

I am installing some loose-lay vinyl planks. The planks are 5mm thick, and I need another 5mm to come up to even with the other tile in the house. What should i use to make up this height difference. I have read back and forth,
"use plywood", "don't use plywood", "use cork, don't use cork." I know i could just install it with out making it level, but i would prefer to bring it up to even.

Any suggestions would help!! Thank you in advance!

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You forgot to mention the makeup of the subfloor but I'll assume it's a suspended wooden structure. I don't know of a suitable plywood underlayment that is only 5mm thick. Luan is usually a bit thicker, but it's not the best liked for the job because it isn't stable and some flooring manufacturers do not recommend it. What does your flooring manufacturer say?

Cork is a good choice, but it's not commonly used for this application.

You also didn't mention which specific planks you're using. You'll need to leave an expansion joint where the two floor meet and may need to use their matching molding which will most likely create a hump in the threshold which would kill your idea of having a flat transition.

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