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What to use to fill gap

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My husband and I just laid down engineered hardwood in our living room. We did not leave a large enough gap between the first row of flooring and the ceramic tile. There is not enough room to to fit a wood t-piece in the gap. We need to fill this gap somehow so dirty does not get in. Please any ideas?
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I second either a transition piece or cutting the gap bigger with an oscillating tool.
What I would do is buy an oscillating tool whatever one is fine and buy some blades for it. Use the blades you bought instead of the ones that came with the tool. Cut then return that thing unless you want to have it handy for other things. It comes in handy here and there.

Just make sure you draw a straight line so you know where to cut. But don't worry you don't have to pull up the floor or settle on something less of what you intended.

Good luck.
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