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What to use for pigtails?

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I running a circuit with 5 20a 240v outlets on it for woodworking tools. (I will never be using more than one at a time...) Since there are only one set of terminals on the outlets, I will have to pigtail the wires. Obviously there will be three wires; one from the line, one to the outlet,and one to the next outlet. The wire to the outlet from the pigtail; is that just a piece out of a romex scrap?

Years ago I was taught that grounds had to be crimped. Never understood why, but always did it. Do the ground pigtails have to be crimped? (and... why are grounds crimped?)
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Yes, simply slit open a surplus length of Romex with the same gauge conductors to get material for pigtails (short lengths). Use bare or green for ground (equipment grounding conductors), white or light gray for neutral, any other color for hot.
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