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What To Fill These Holes With?

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I am building a Pergola and I am attaching 6x6 knee braces to the posts and beams. What do most people fill the countersunk hole with?


1) I was thinking plugging it with a dowel would be the best method. Only downfall is dowel wouldn't be pressure treated. Also, if I go this route should I use construction adhesive (b/c it will adhere to the PT post) or wood glue?

2) Fill it with brown caulk. I don't think this would look as nice, especially after the caulk shrinks. Plus, when I stain the pergola I'm not sure how the brown caulk would look with the stain color.



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I just leave them like they are.
Anything you fill the hole with is going to not stain the same color and as the wood shrinks as it drys will fail.
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I think I saw plastic caps that replace the wood plugs. Hold it in with caulk. Check wood working parts sites.
Plugs cut from the same wood, same face, PL Premium them in. Or, stain first and then use a matching caulk to fill. Ron
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Thanks for the suggestions guys. I think I will try the plug approach once this wood dries out a little more.
Agree. Make plugs from the same wood. And glue them in. Take saw dust from same wood and mix with glue and fill any left over spaces then sand once dry.
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