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what to do?

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OK, I think this question has been ans, but, i could not find it. WE have this old farmhouse,built in 50s, has 2 x 12 oak boards underneath, i do not know what is on top of that, top flooring is solid sheet may be abestos, but is solid stuck down tight, very smooth, but has a few worn places where it is worn through,it looks like tar paper there, has no embossing, is printed, we bought the 30 year warrinty armstrong peel and stick tile to redo. My question? I read somewhere not to use glue but something else. Anyone know? if we glue or, something else under neath, should we use the roller? Thanks for any help, and waiting:whistling2: for your ans. Juju
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That "tar paper" look is probably asphalt cutback adhesive and it is not unlikely that the flooring or old adhesive contains asbestos.

Self-stick tiles are generally not the best way to do floors. The individual tiles can move around a bit and shrink over time.

The subfloor needs to be clean, dry, flat, and sound. You may want to skim some patch on the worn spots.
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