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What to do with this subflooring over concrete

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What to do with this subflooring over concrete before lying down Vinyl

Novice here. I have cutout a lil area of carpet by my front door. I want to laydown a vinyl flooring sheet to make it easy to clean since my front door is my main "guest door". I have a concrete slab ranch. On top of the concrete (as pictured) is this subflooring (not sure if thats the right word).

My question is, between each square is a gap that I know I can't just leave it how it is with thin vinyl. What exactly are my options here. I assume that the 2 that I have are filling the gaps with some kinda filler, or removing the squares that are glued on. I'm open to any idea.

Thanks guys

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looks like grouted tile to me. if you want to leave it you can probably skim over the gaps with a floor patch designed to work over tile to smooth the floor out. the other option is to remove it down to the subfloor which is a lot more work.

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Well, less than an hour later...... here is the option I choose.

It was REALLY easy......the adhesive must have been so old, I used a 1 1/2" cold chisel and they popped off in full pieces.

Now to clean whats left. Despite the lines in the picture, it is as smooth as concrete can be. No ridges or anything.

Thanks for the advice. :)
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