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What to do first: paint exterior, install windows, or new roof?

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I have three projects to do, but I don't know the best order to do them in. The house is horizontal cedar siding which is being repainted a new charcoal color instead of tan. New fiberglass windows will be black with white trim. New roof is changing from shingle to black standing seam metal. Gutters and trim are all tan and will need replaced or painted white.

What is the best order to do these three projects so they don't hinder or interfere with each other?
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Roof, windows, siding, and gutters last.

Roof is always first. If its leaking, no since doing anything else until it's fixed. Windows should be next so siding can be installed around them. You can not do the gutters until all the fascia trim is done, so they would be last.

But there may be some advantages to doing the gutters while the roof is being done.

For example I usually set up scaffolding along the eve side of a roof when doing a new roof. After that side of the roof was completed, I would wrap the fascia and install gutters if needed while the scaffolding is still set up there.
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