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Hello! I have a rather nice looking evergreen type tree growing near the house. We've been here for about 3 years and it was here when we bought the house. It's gotten up to about 12-15' and has a generally nice conical shape. It's more like a giant shrub than any of the local native trees.
The problem is that at the base, almost at the ground, it's got three "trunks", two equal sized and one smaller stem. I never really noticed it but now that the tree is getting tall they're growing apart at the top. This is making the tree lose its nice shape of course. The two big stems each provide half of the shape, on the "inside" the branches are dwarfed, under-grown, and almost bare, while the outside branches are thick and full.
Am I just "out of luck" with this tree and have to just live with it, or should I tie the two main stems together to try to get them to grow together, or should I chop one off and hope the branches fill out, or ? :eek:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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