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What thickness veneer for pocket door?

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Double pocket doors open from the master bath into the living room.

I'd like these door to be nicely finished, and limba wood is one of my favorites (but there are lots to choose from).

For you finish carpenters out there: what thickness of veneer do you recommend for a pocket type door?

The commercial pieces I see range from 1/8" to 1/42" thickness (pretty big spread there!)

The door is 2 inches thick.

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Most anything you apply would work in a normal 2x4 wall. The door slot opening is determined by the trim, so reset the trim for a wider opening.
Thanks Bill.

My concern was more over the issue of delamination of the veneer over time.

I realize that application of the veneer is critical, but my experience has been that the thicker the veneer, the less warp and buckle over the surface.


Since pocket doors get a lot of "abuse" and can be subject to warping, I would suggest using the thickest veneer you can get. The thicker veneer will survive hits and kicks, that would put a hole in thinner veneer.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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