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What sort of company do I call - mouse poop in attic

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May 5, 2015, I have finally moved back in to the house where I was born and raised, after spending 2.5 years emptying it out and fixing it up.

The cellar had lots of mouse droppings, and I found many dead ones. All cleaned out. Vacuumed each and very cubby hole where the floor joists rest on the foundation. The access area, an opening in the foundation, has been sealed with cement. All that happened at least a year ago.

Last week, learned that the insulation in the attic is covered in mouse poop. This is a ranch house: one floor living. Never found ANY evidence on mice on the main living floor. Nada, zip. Never occurred to me they found their way in to the attic. :surprise:

The attic is not finished, not used for storage, not easily accessible; you need a ladder on the cellar stairs to get through the opening. The insulation is the big rolls of batting, 2 layers (Dad put in tons during the Energy Crisis of the 1970's.I can remember him doing this. ) At least 27 inches thick. And so this means it all has to come out through the living room to the outdoors.

Part of the work I had done included new siding with new vent covers on the A frame attic vents and screening behind the vents so even access that way is out.

While I did a lot of work myself, this is not something I am even considering tackling on my own. I've just had one total knee replacement with the second one happening June 1, no way I am dealing with this. I found an old thread (2012) on here, mentioning be sure the workers wear respirators and are covered by workers' comp. But the thread never specified: what sort of company / contractor am I looking for? Is this a pest control company or a clean up company?

I looked at the Service Pro website, didn't see anything close listed. I just can't imagine a pest control company deals with reinstalling insulation, to complete the job. Do I need 2 contractors?

Also: my Dad died Feb 21, 2016, and the house is coming to me. Is this a possible insurance claim? Do I wait for the house to be transferred (deed signing will be this month so I'm not talking about a 9 month postponement on this job). Or do I file the claim now? Any thoughts on this point?

Thanks so much.
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Hi Freedom, loved the story and unfortunately it is all too common. Part of owning a home is accumulating a list of local contractors who do good work at a reasonable price and laminating that list so you never lose it. You might search for the term "handyman" as they can be just that, skilled enough in many trades to take care of your job.

As for the attic hatch, there is a message there, you need a larger access point. Maybe it is because America is getting bigger, but the reality is it will cost you more money in the long run, jobs take longer and some contractors just won't bother. And/or, if it requires a special size ladder, you buy it and keep it available. I thought that was really funny, they didn't have a ladder to fit. I'm retired but just did a quick mental count and I still have 10 different ladders, gave away a few.

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LOL, but sounds like you are aware of the problem. Guess an 8' extension ladder is now on the xmas list.

When looking for contractors one of the problems is, the good ones are busy and don't have to advertise. I used to ask at my local lumber yard for different trades people. When I needed a mason I asked the brick supply house. The people who sell the materials know who is buying and via word of mouth, who is doing good.

I even watch when at the box stores for different names on business vehicles or at big job sites to see who the subs are. There are a couple of top line contractors in my area and I can be sure anyone working on their jobs is pretty good. Searching them out sure beats waiting for them to advertise because they need work.

1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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