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what size wire

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I'm runing wire 200ft. to a new box then I will have #12wire to a 120v motor with 17amps. and #10 wire to a water pump 220v. with 7amps. off of this box .What size wire is needed for this 200ft. run?
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#10 will give you just over 4% at 200'
Thats just within the 5% loss
#10 wire,200',240v, 25A.
As dmx said, #10 Cu would be the bare minimum.

That 5% is the maximum VD recommended for the entire circuit, feeder and branch circuit combined. It's 3% recommended maximum for just the feeder.

I would recommend at least #8 or #6 Cu. It would give you a little more wiggle room should you need to add another load or change to a different motor.

The larger wire may also help as the motors age, and take more current to start up.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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