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What size hole for my shower valve should I cut out in exterior wall?

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I have a Delta R10000-PX Multichoice Universal Rough Valve Body. I'm using the Schluter Kerdi materials in my bathroom. I'm not sure whether I should use the Kerdi Seal MV for the shower valve - KMSMV235/114. It's a 4 1/2" seal. Neither Schluter or Delta would tell me what size hole to cut in the exterior wall (1/2" Kerdi board).

The exterior wall in this shower stall will be tiled? What size hole should I cut in the exterior wall? Should I use this seal? Why or why not?

See video at 4:39 to 4:55 mark

Thanks much,


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Didnt that valve come with a black plastic plaster ring. It is square in shape. the ring is used to set the depth of the valve and you put your board to the edge of the ring.
Yeah Paul. I was just confused because the plastic guard is square and the Schluter valve seal is round.

I found this video addressed my problem /

Thank you
Thanks, I want to waterproof the shower, that's why I chose Schluter. I don't want water getting behind the trimplate, or anywhere behind the finished wall.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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