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I've tried searching in this forum and online, results seem to be so varied, it's difficult to figure out which size fan would work.

This is for a family room that is 21x15. There is also a catherdal ceiling that's sloped about 28 degrees.

I found a ceiling fan that I liked, comes in 56" and 68". Which fan would be a better fit for this room? I'm worried that the 68" is going to over power the room but will the 56" be too underpowered for the room?

Different sites say I need a a 65+ fan to cool a 315 sq ft room, others say a 56" would be fine. Can anyone out there help? These fans are pretty expensive, I want to try and purchase the right one.

I'm also trying to figure out what size fan for a 12x12 room, 44" or 52"?
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