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in order to install an outside tap i will need to drill through the walls of the house. It is an old building and the walls are somewhere in the region of 3ft thick. Will a basic SDS drill achieve this some where in the region of £40 of ebay or will i need something more professional.

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You can get it with a SDS and a long bit or short bit and extension. I punched a 10cm hole with mine no problem, Sandstone. If you have field stones then you will need something more. Just take your time. dorf dude...

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Aly, Welcome to the Forum. Where are you located?

Scott, I’ve enjoyed your continuing saga on the German House Rebuild.

I just noticed that your location is Grafenwoehr. Is the US Army Training Area still there.

In the 1960’s I was in an Army 155 SP Artillery unit outside of Munich where to fire our guns we always had to go up to Grafenwoehr . Even back then we had a lot of war games with the German Army. Sometimes we were on the same side, other times the opposing side.

One time in a war game we had three of our guys manning a road block with a 50 caliber and a bazooka were over run and hauled off in the back of a German Army truck. A few miles down the road the truck stopped and a big mean looking German Sergeant climbed in, then glaring, he said in good English, you need to tell us the name of your commanding officer.

Our guys looked at each other wondering where this was going, then one of our guys said we’re sorry we can’t tell you that. Then the Sergeant said, “Do you know what’s going to happen to you if you don’t tell?”

Now our three guys were really worried. The Sergeant continued to glare at our guys who were unable to venture an answer, although their minds were starting to imagine all sorts of things.

Then the Sergeant, starting to smile, said “We’re not going to give you any Beer”

Everybody laughed, then the sergeant said that’s OK. You can still have some beer. Then he pulled up a tarp that was covering a case of beer and proceeded to pass out the beers. They finished off the case and didn’t make it back to our side for two days.

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