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Ensure that they:

  • have a valid Electrical Contractor Licence
  • are fully insured
  • are qualified to perform the type of electrical work you require
  • will provide a written cost estimate of the work
please let me know your thoughts on this


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Check they are not SPAMing DIY discussion groups馃槇

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Not all states require a license.
Not all states require all electricians to be licensed, just the owner.
check out the licensing agency for licence information, including any actions taken against a license holder.

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ask before hand WHO will actually be doing the work,

some electricians might come out and give you a price, then get a few "helpers" to actually do the job

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So do you know any good electricians in Palo Alto?

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What should you look for when hiring an electrical contractor?

Your checkbook.:wink2:

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richardandrews: You state in this thread that you are a licensed electrician in Menlo Park CA; wondering why you are asking this question then. Is this a "General Discussion" question? Just curious.

I'm with rjniles
Check they are not SPAMing DIY discussion groups
on this one.

Ah, just read your other posts; my question is answered.
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